Our Story

The Steeped in Time was created to bring extraordinary, organic small batch coffee, to great people. In a world saturated with burnt, bland coffee made in large corporate factories that care more about the profit than the product, we want to bring you the exact opposite! 

Our coffee cherries are sourced from small, family-owned farms around the world and brought to our roasters who meticulously hand-pick, and hand wash them. The beans are then dried in in natural sunlight and spread over wooden planks, preserving an old-world method used for hundreds of years.

Whether you're looking for Organic, Single-Origin or flavored coffee, we have you covered! Our beans are roasted when you place your order to produce the freshest and most delicious cup of coffee possible.

Join us in our movement to get back to ourselves and just Steep In Time for a bit!

Positive Mind l Positive Vibes l Positive Life